Passing memories and moments on to future generations

Be a part of Legoflife by creating a confidential profile on what is aspiring to be the largest most comprehensive genealogical record of life, inspirational memories, heartbreaking moments, social behaviour and personal history ever to exist. It's a celebration of life, told from the heart, built upon, studied and enjoyed by future generations, i.e. descendants to whom you bequeath access and allow to publish according to your requests after you pass.
You get one life - log it and celebrate it, because you lived it
Memories and moments preserved for future generations.
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Registration fee of £10 applicable for first 50,000 registrants, which includes a “stakeholding” in the soon to be, largest most comprehensive historical record of past present and future generations (After 50k registrations, profiles will be free but will not include any stake holding - See About Us for more details)
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