What's legoflife all about then?

Imagine if your great grandparents had had the opportunity to record elements of their lives, leave you pictures and memories from their time on this planet. You as their descendant could look back and understand the lives they led, the heartaches they suffered, the joys they experienced, the people they loved, the animals they kept even the food that they ate. The legacy that they left!


Quite the opposite – It's your FREE confidential bequeathed legacy

Legoflife gives you the chance to record your history for posterity, to leave a legacy of your own that descendants and family members can access and document. It can be kept confidential until you have passed and access bequeathed to next of kin or executor of your will. Alternatively if you’ve got nothing to hide, and you’re comfortable with it, you can make it public as soon as you’ve populated your profile.
It's never too early to create a Legoflife profile, indeed you can gift a profile for friends or family members. You can start one on behalf of a not so tech savvy relative or friend, or even a deceased relative who you have a certain amount of stories and photos to make it a viable celebration of their life and indeed historical record. Legoflife will be the start of a family legacy handed down through generations.

How does legoflife work?

Register FREE OF CHARGE and proceed to populate your leg of life - your profile and all of your memories/posts are private, no one can access your profile. You can however at some point share any individual memory/post to social media if you wish. The next step is to designate executor(s) to your profile. (These individuals will be able to access your profile after your death)
Populate the CHAPTERS of your life chronologically (it auto populates in order from approximately the year you specify) and by SUBJECT type of story with photos, Stories and anecdotes etc.
Keep these chapters or posts private and archived or indeed each individual entry can be broadcast to social media if the user feels it is of interest and has no privacy issues.
Add new chapters or posts whenever a memory is jogged - automatically populating chronologically. If a memory is jogged Just HEADLINE your story save bookmark it and return to it later to archive or share via social media. Edit these posts at any point even after the story has been classed as archived.
Once you are up to date with your past or indeed at any time of building your LOL, continue your story from present day onward like a diary, but only recording moments, memorable, worthy episodes of your life which future generations would like to know about you.
Create a BUCKET LIST which you are trying or have achieved to experience – your descendents can see where you got with this and may well want to complete your journey.
Archive documents – Wills, letters to descendants, or other documents, whether they exist at this point or not. Leave letters or notes to people yet to be! This functionality is coming soon.
Bequeath your LOL profile to an executor. Leaving instructions to either make it public or let that person decide who gets access to it, i.e. Family, friends, relatives or even fully public. To access your profile they will need the password you had already given them* *NB once they try to access the profile using the password provided the profile owner (you recently deceased) will be notified by text and email that someone has requested access. There will then be a 30 day period before the profile can be accessed. This is for security purposes, i.e. if you are not dead you can cancel the requested access and change password, (and possibly your executor!)

What are you waiting, start recording your now.