From infants (aged 4) to senior school, this is my full educational history, complete with the examinational results which were by far below my mothers expectations but by far better than I was expecting, as I was “To cool for school” - more interested in fulfilling my career ambitions of finding a rich older woman to marry!

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First School memory

First Day of school saw me sitting next to a fellow Ginger, 4 year old Alica who had the brightest of red hair. Two ginger nuts together Sunt il id eseque diat unt facientem hillibuste vendunt odi...

School Age 0 - 5
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New Boy at Bluecoat

At the end of my 2nd year junior school term . I left to move to WalsallSunt il id eseque diat unt facientem hillibuste vendunt odis adigend ucilles di digendia sitas sinvelita dignis se quame cons...

Age 6 - 10 School
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You aint gonna believe this - French Horn!

When the musical instruments were given out in senior school aged about 11, I had chicken pox so by the time I got back to school, all the cool instruments like the trumpets were gone, so I ended u...

Age 11 - 16 Music School
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6th Form at Larry Joseph Comprehensive

This was the 6th Form A level Physics class, I'd be 17-18 and you can tell my rebellious side by the refusal to wear complete school uniform. I'm still in touch with a lot of these guys - we had a ...

Further Education School
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