Privacy Policy

Personal Data Summary

We store all registration payments made through the system indefinitely for the purpose of an audit trail for between Legoflife and yourself (both successful and non-successful). This information includes: Invoice address details; Delivery Address details, an email address and possibly a mobile phone number. As well as the order and price.


All emails sent out by the system are stored to allow you to recover if emails are lost due to spam filters or other issues. These are currently kept indefinitely.

Email Templates

We store email address for all standard emails sent out by the system as part of the email template these addresses are required in order to be able to send the email. The templates and addresses will be managed by the sites proprietors.

Site Users
Site users are:
Admin Users

Legoflife administration staff only access platform on page information for continual improvement and development of Legoflife. Individual legoflife profiles are only administered by the profile user alone and that data is not accessible by site visitors unless permission has been granted by the profile owner.

Storage Summary

Your legoflife profile is hosted on a dedicated platform admin access to the server is restricted to key DedRed staff only. Any FTP or similar access to the server is sandboxed to ensure each sites security is maintained. Patches/Updates are applied to the server as part of our server maintenance schedule.

3rd Party Declaration

At no time will personal details inputted by Legoflife users be made available to 3rd parties for any commercial gain or indeed for any reason what so ever, unless legally obliged by a court ruling

Your right to be forgotten

To remove your account please contact and request that your account is removed.

You right of access

To request a copy of you data, please contact and make a formal request for your data.

You right to rectification

If you require your data to be updated and have no means to via LegofLife, please contact and submit a request.